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// Subscriber Engagement

Subscriber Engagement

How engaged are your readers? How long do they read your email for? Being able to answer these questions will help you make your email marketing campaigns a lot more engaging through content changes and design.

// Geolocation

Email Campaign Geolocation

Find out where your email marketing campaigns were opened at city level. This will help you target and segment your email marketing campaigns better as you learn more about your subscribers.

// Forwards, Prints, Deletes

Forwards, Prints, Deletes

Track the performance of your email marketing campaigns at a glance with the campaign-overview dashboard. Specifically, forwards, deletes, prints and engagement.

// Email Clients

Email Client Tracking

Finding out the email clients used by your subscribers will help you make sure you are optimizing for those email clients and making sure your email campaigns look great.

// Subscriber Level

Subscriber Level Tracking

Using our subscriber level tracking you can find individual subscribers on your mailing list and export it direct from Campaigncog to better target and segment your subscribers.

// Social Email Analytics

Social Email Analytics

Track the social sharing impact of your email campaign across Facebook and Twitter. Find out where your links are being shared on social networks.

// Insights

Email Campaign Insights

Coming soon: What is the exact optimal date and time to send your email campaigns? Find out the answer to this question and many more with CampaignCog Insights.

// Clicks Heatmap

Click Tracking Heatmap

Coming soon: With CampaignCog Heatmaps you can visually see exactly which links in your campaign are popular and which links need improved placement and focus.

// Other Great Benefits

  • Real time data

    Email marketing campaign activity updated in seconds
  • Export Data

    You can export your subscriber data into a CSV format
  • Easy to Integerate

    It's as simple as pasting HTML code into your email
  • Compatible with all ESPs

    Our tracking works in conjunction with your ESP
  • Scalable

    We're scalable, we've tracked 50 millions emails already
  • Easy to Use

    We've built CampaignCog with love and care!

// Stay In Touch

There are real people behind Campaigncog, so if you have a question or suggestion (no matter how small) please get in touch with us:

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