Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is Campaign Cog?

    Campaign Cog is a service that will allow you to simply check the performance of your email campaigns. You'll get the usual open rate but you'll also get access to behavioural data that you've never had before!

  2. Why would I need to track my email campaigns?

    Email analytics is critical for any business. Campaign Cog helps you optimise your email marketing campaigns by providing you with data on the performance and effectiveness of your past email marketing campaigns and gives you a clear insight into the next steps you should take to optimize your future campaigns.

  3. Who is CampaignCog for?

    It's for anyone that wants to assess their email marketing efforts. Whether you are a marketing manager using your own mail server or someone who makes use of an ESP. If you use an ESP, such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, our tracking code can we work in conjunction giving you deeper insights into how your campaigns are performing.

  4. Is CampaignCog free?

    We have a free plan but we also offer premium plans to help email marketers at a deeper level to help improve their email marketing campaigns.

  5. How does CampaignCog work exactly?

    Like all other email analytics providers we make use of a virtually invisible image that tracks your email. This does not in anyway make a difference to the way your email looks or behaves.

  6. Can I use Campaign Cog with other analytics tools?

    Yes! CampaignCog can be used with your current Email Service Proiver i.e MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Aweber. A small snippet of HTML code that works with any other service that you may use.

  7. How many data points will I be able to track?

    You can track an unlimited number of emails at the moment, but bear in mind that CampaignCog is in beta and so the number of data points may be reduced at a later stage.

  8. Are you ever going to release an API for Campaign Cog?

    Yes, it is available now! If you would like to make use of our API and see what it can do for you contact us and we will send you an API key to try the API out! It's currently in beta and it will be fully launched soon.

  9. What do you have in store for us?

    Campaign Cog is determined to take the email marketing world by storm with thoughtful, simple and useful web apps. Email tracking is just the first stage of our plans, while we're currently enhancing our tracking reports, we're also busy developing an email marketing app that you'll fall in love with!

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