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 +====== User Dashboard ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +Below you'll find reference materials that will teach you how to use the Campaign Cog user dashboard. If you are a developer this dashboard can be embedded into another web application. Some demonstration code can be seen [[|here]].
 +===== Creating Campaigns =====
 +To create a campaign log into your user dashboard, and on the left there should be a "New Campaign" button. Click that button and you should see the options below.
 +==== Campaign Options ====
 +__Campaign Name__ - This is the name that your campaign will be reference by when you view it in the user dashboard.
 +__Total Subscribers__ - Number of people this campaign will be sent to.
 +__Start Date__ - The date that your campaign will be sent out.
 +__Merge Tag__ - Supply a merge tag and we will be able to provide subscriber level tracking.
 +__Click Tracking__ - Select yes if you want to be able to track clicks on the links in your email.
 +==== Campaign Script ====
 +After you create a campaign, you will be given a campaign script. This must be copy and pasted into the body of your email.
 +===== Campaign Reports =====
 +There are many different reports generated in the dashboard upon your campaign creation.
 +==== Overview Report ====
 +==== Engagement Report ====
 +==== Geolocation Report ====
 +==== Email Clients Report ====
 +{{reports:email-clients.png?600|Email Clients Report}}
 +==== Subscribers Report ====
 +===== FAQ =====
 +Q: How do I enable click tracking for my campaign?
 +{{ youtube>large:6c9xW3n59Z8 | Enabling Click Tracking }}
 +Q:  How do I check my current billing information?
 +A:  To see your current billing information just follow the steps below.
 +  - First login to your dashboard. 
 +  - Then click on the dropdown in the upper left corner in your dashboard. 
 +  - Once the dropdown menu appears select the option that is labeled Account. 
 +  From there you should be able to see your account type, and billing logs. If any of this needs to be changed or you want to upgrade, please contact us at [[[email protected]]]
 +__The Screen should look similar to the following:__
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