Google Analytics Integration Enabled

April 13th, 2011 by admin | Filed under Main.

We’ve just enabled the ability to integrate your email campaigns with Google Analytics. This means you’ll now be able to find out how much of an impact your email campaigns have on your sites traffic, amongst many other things!

Click the image below to see how easy it is to setup Google Analytics for your email campaigns, its just ticking a box! What this will do is go through your email and all its links and add some variables to it to tell Google to track links in a specific way. Please note, that you need to be making use of Google Analytics on the pages your links are linked to.

To make full use of this, make sure you set up goals and funnels to segment your traffic to find out exactly what impact your email campaign is having.

If you don’t make use of Google Analytics, don’t worry, we still track clicks! In addition, we hope to integrate more web analytics tools to help you get the full picture of the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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3 Responses to “Google Analytics Integration Enabled”

  1. Chip says:

    Is cc alive??

  2. tom says:

    It would be good to link up with the OpenSource Alternative like Pikwik

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