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We focus on effective email marketing through the use of deep email marketing analytics.

// About The Product

We believe software should be useful, simple, and fast – so you can work smarter, get more accomplished, and make smarter decisions for your businesses email marketing efforts. We've tried very hard to achieve this for Campaigncog.

Email has fantastic ROI but this isn't the case if you're not sending out campaigns that have been optimized to achieve this. How do you know you're maximizing your ROI? This is where Campaigncog comes in with its powerful email analytics tool.

// The Team


Dylan Roy

If you run into a problem he will most likely will be the one solving it for you. When he isn't pushing new features on Campaigncog, enjoys spending time out on the lake.


Abs Farah

Abs loves to code and solve specific problems. When he is not working on Campaigncog, he enjoys the wonderful world of K-pop and J-pop.


Nick Horrocks

Nick is the infrastructure brain and developer. When he is not managing the instances that Campaigncog runs on he conjures up powerful magic in WoW.


Kahin Farah

Kahin has helped develop the Campaigncog application. When he is not pushing pixels, he loves listening to trance and is a huge Red Dwarf fan.

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There are real people behind Campaigncog, so if you have a question or suggestion (no matter how small) please get in touch with us:

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