Advanced email analytics for your transactional and marketing campaign.

Get behavioural data about your subscribers that you can use to make effective decisions. Stop guessing and make calculated decisions based on real facts.

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// What You'll Get

  • Engagement

    Find out how long your subscribers are reading your email campaign.

  • Forwards, Prints, Deletes

    How many times was your email campaign forwarded, printed or deleted?

  • Geolocation

    Find out the countries and cities your subscribers are based in.

  • Email Clients

    What are the most popular email clients your recipients are using to read your email?

  • Subscriber Level Data

    Analyze your email campaign by each subscriber.

  • Compatible with all ESPs

    Our tracking code is compatible with all ESPs and can be used alongside their tracking code.

// Testimonials

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    Tom Everret Invaluable data to use as you optimize your email marketing campaigns.

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    Carly Thomson Flexible, easy to use, easy to adopt and provides all the tools for email tracking.

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    Robert Du It's not only an incredibly useful tool, but it has made us enjoy email analytics!

Subscriber Engagement

Subscriber Engagement


Subscriber Geolocation

Email Clients


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